Sunday, October 3, 2010


The idea I have thought about for a awhile is now taking some sort of physical shape. The layout of the blog will probably be tweaked in the near or not so near future, but for now it seems like I need to seize the opportunity and already start. So here are a few short intros.

Why blog?
I have been a mother for six years. That means that for the past six years, I have endlessly talked about my children, read numerous books on parenting, attended some classes, and ambushed innocent bystanders and co-workers with the pictures of my kids. Most of my friends had become mothers at approximately similar time, and it would only seem natural to share our experiences and ideas. Given that we are all busy (parenting!) and rarely see each other, I wanted to create an online group, sharing ideas, success stories, venting frustrations or simply retelling the cute little thing our darlings did today.

Why Facebook?
Most of the interested parties are already on FB. Hence it will be easy to link to new posts and have discussion there. The idea is to create a private FB group, by invitation only, where all or most people know each other, which will give us a chance to say what we want to say and not show it to all our friends and our friends' friends. In addition, participants can post their own updates on the wall, which won't have to relate to the blog's posts.

What will the format be like?
Ok, this is only the idea. Like I said before, waiting to iron out all organizational kinks could take time, and there's no guarantee that my enthusiasm will still be there. So the idea is as follows: have a topic of the month and post about it. Initially I will probably do most of the posting, but I hope that guest posts will become a regular feature. Then, we could have discussions on our super-secret FB group, or in the blog comment themselves. Any ideas to improve the system will be highly appreciated. Also, topics of interest.

What would be the themes?
As much as I would like this to be fun, I also want this to be somewhat of use. I will post about my own challenges and try to avoid generalizing and making assumptions about other mothers. I will try posting interesting links, possibly review parenting books, share parenting ideas. We'll see.

I think the important thing is to start. So let's do it!

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