Friday, October 15, 2010

Progress - Week1 of No Yelling

Ok, I do realize that week two is about to end, but I am going to post this any way.

So, here's my progress:

1. Achieved greater awareness of when I want to yell. Hence, less yelling before I even realize I am yelling. (Am I the only one who is surprised to finds herself mid-scream?)

2. Realized that I must control what comes out of my mouth, especially when even slightly ticked off, at all times. 100% vigilance. Easing even a little bit leads to yelling. This sucks.

3. Being sleep-deprived makes controlling oneself much harder. Okay, I knew that, but got a reminder.

4. Less yelling didn't automatically lead to better behaved kids. Nor do they behave worse. However, they are a lot more affectionate towards me and their father. Coincidence?

5. Less yelling. Not all out, some relapses, but, thank G-d, less. (Please, do not test this statement!!!)

I don't know if anyone embarked on this project with me. If yes, anything, any progress you wish to share?

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